Thursday, November 13, 2008

Punk Tribute To Metallica

This CD is the biggest piece of crap I have ever heard. I'm proud to say that I don't own it, but I've heard much of its content. There is really no band worthy of covering Metallica, but this band is the least worthy. The awesome opening of For Whom the Bell Tolls was replaced by Techno-weird, and The Unforgiven beginning is mangled beyond recognition. I haven't actually heard their cover of One, but I want to keep it that way, because it's my favorite song of all time. If I were James, Kirk, Jason, or Lars, I would sue these guys for all they're worth (which can't be that much). This CD should be titled An Insult to Metallica.. No no no... It was a joke! Lmao! This is good!

Details :

# Audio CD (January 23, 2001)

# Original Release Date: January 23, 2001

# Number of Discs: 1

Song Title

01 - Hit The Lights Sloppy Seconds
02 - Seek And Destroy Agent Orange
03 - Motorbreath D.O.A.
04 - Sad But true Flipper
05 - Jump In The Fire Dee Dee Ramone
06 - Master Of Puppets Dr. Know
07 - Enter Sandman Vice Squad
08 - One Total Chaos
09 - Nothing Else Matters Vibrators
10 - I Disappear Anti-Government
11 - Am I Evil Sour
12 - For Whom the Bell Tolls Shotgun Remedy
13 - Until It Sleeps S.B.I.

Yeah, that's fuckin' right.. It's another Metallica Tribute. Quit 'yer bitchin', this one is for you, the unpredjudiced punk rocker, (I know there must still be out there). Admittedly, punk and metal have shared a torrid, love/hate thing over the years. When u think of the early days of the British punk invasion, u were generally one or the other. Bands from famed "new wave of British heavy metal", (or NWOBHM), of the late 70s & early 80s like Iron Maiden & Angel Witch made it clear that their stance was in defiance of the crusty punk rock bullocks that was challenging the superiority of the heavy scene. Across the pond.. see inlay card for detail!

Note : The mp3s is coming up next!

So here we are!


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