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Beatallica The only band in the world legally approved to bash up Beatles and Metallica returns with their latest release: All You Need Is Blood! The Beatalli-banger Bloodbath began when fans worldwide transcribed All You Need Is Blood into their native language and submitted it back to the band to record.

For more detail about the Band, Visit Beatallica site there!


Metallica Support Beatallica

According to, Lars Ulrich has asked Metallica's longtime attorney Peter Paterno to try and defuse the situation between Beatallica the Milwaukee-based parody band known for Metallica-infused covers of Beatles songs and Sony Music.

As previously reported, Sony Music accused Beatallica of violating copyright laws, demanded that their webmaster pay "unspecified damages," and... read more...

Also Lars Ulrich Supports Beatallica Beatallica, the Midwestern band which "covers Beatles songs in the style of Beatallica, infusing the lyrics and arrangements of Fab Four standards with wonderfully unsubtle references to Metallica's songs and a spot-on imitation of James Hetfield's distinctive vocals" (Ice magazine), were recently featured in Bizarre magazine. The journalist who wrote the article also interviewed Metallica and played them the Beatallica tracks to get their opinion. Here's what Kirk Hammett had to say about it;

Q: What do you think?

Kirk: I think it is cool when people do shit like that. Reinterpret our music and fashion and things. It's not flattery, read more...


A Garage Dayz Nite
EP, 2001

01. Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band
02. A Garage Dayz Nite
03. For Horsemen
04. No Remorseful Reply
05. The Thing That Should Not Let It Be
06. Everybody's Got a Ticket to Ride Except for Me and My Lightning
07. ...And Justice for All My Loving

EP, 2004

01. Blackened the USSR
02. Sandman
03. And I'm Evil
04. Got to Get You Trapped Under Ice
05. Leper Madonna
06. Hey Dude
07. I Want to Choke Your Band
08. We Can Hit the Lightz

Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band

CD, 10 Juillet 2007 - Oglio Records

01. "Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band"
02. Revol-ooh-tion
03. Blackened the USSR
04. Sandman
05. Helvester of Skelter
06. A Garage Dayz Nite
07. Anesthesia
08. Leper Madonna
09. Ktulu (He's So Heavy)
10. For Horsemen
11. Hey Dude
12. Sgt. Hetfield's(reprise)
13. ...and Justice for All My Loving

Download the mp3s here!

All You Need Is Blood
CD, 20 Mai 2008 - Oglio Records

01. All You Need Is Blood (American English)
02. Ce So Precisa Sangue (Portuguese)
03. Koigil Vaja On Verd (Estonian)
04. Tu N'As Besoin Que De Sang (French)
05. Alle Sie Bedarf Ist Blut (German)
06. Vad Az Eletem (Hungarian)
07. Kol Shetzarikh Ae Dam (Hebrew)
08. Quel Che Ti Serve E' Sangue (Italian)
09. Todo Lo Que Necesitas Es Sangre (Mexican Spanish)
10. Het Enige Dat Ye Nodig He Bt Is Bloed (Dutch)
11. Potrzebujesz Krwi (Polish)
12. Vsya Newzno Krov (Russian)
13. Piga Pilyohe (South Korean)
14. All You Need Is Blood (American Radio Edit)

Download the mp3s here!

Bonus Track :
01 - Got to Get You Trapped Under Ice (radio edit)
02 - And I'm Evil (radio edit)
03 - I Want To Choke Your Band
04 - We Can Hit The Lightz (radio edit)
05 - The Thing That Should Not Let It Be
06 - Everybody's Got A Ticket To Ride Except For Me And My Lightning
07 - No Remorseful Reply

Beatallica Interviews:

Signal Noise permission
Summerfest 2005 Milwaukee permission
EPK - Short Version permission
I Saw Her Thrashing There [live] permission

Here some stuffs from Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band

Helvester of Skelter [preview]
Anesthesia (I'm Only Sleeping) [preview]
Ktulu (He's So Heavy) [preview]

* Ask the psswrd to me... lmao!
* Original Source of All You Need is Blood, All You Need is Love from Beatles!
* Beatallica pics
* Visit Beatallica site there!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dream Theater - Master Of Puppets [Official Bootleg]

Dream Theater
Master Of Puppets [Official Bootleg]

actually... comparing with MTV icon artistes, these are more better!!! x-cept SUM41 [master of puppets] . . . are they better??? I'm a great big damn fans of Dream Theater for good since they release their incredible album called Images & Words.. every single thing about 'em, everything, i dig it all! Unfortunately for Master of Puppets track, i didn't see Pettrucci that i know.. not so.. impressing..

I like both Metallica and Dream Theater, but this whole album sounds a bit odd. The instrumental performance is good as always, but I don't like LaBrie's singing... He's probably better singer than bro Jaymz, but not in Metallica's songs.

Over all... this is their tribute to one of Metallica's best albums.


Track List :

01 - Battery
02 - Master Of Puppets
03 - The Thing That Should Not Be
04 - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
05 - Disposable Heroes
06 - Leper Messiah
07 - Orion
08 - Damage, Inc

NOTE: These albums were issued as part of the Ytsejam Records Official Bootleg series, and were produced by Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy. A few are out of print, but most are still readily available from the label.

download link

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The Ultimate Tribute [2004]

"The Ultimate Tribute"

Release year: 2004
Genre: Metal
Format: MP3 (128 kbps)

Track List:
01. Motorhead - Whiplash
02. Flotsam And Jetsam - Damage Inc.
03. Prong - Enter Sandman
04. Death Angel - Trapped Under Ice
05. Joe Lynn Turner - Nothing Else Matters
06. Clutch - Motorbreath
07. Testament - Holier Than Thou
08. Ugly Kid Joe - Master Of Puppets
09. Life After Death - Eye Of The Beholder
10. Dark Angel - Creeping Death

* Although you can have all these mp3s for free, I still recommend you to buy the original CD. I do buy the original CD...* All credits go to original uploader...

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Live - May 14, 2008

Live - May 14, 2008

Track List :

01 - Creeping Death
02 - Fuel
03 - For Whom The Bell Tolls
04 - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
05 - And Justice For All
06 - Sad But True
07 - Disposable Heroes
08 - One
09 - Master of Puppets
10 - Battery
11 - Last Caress
12 - No Remorse
13 - Enter Sandman
14 - Fight Fire With Fire
15 - Seek and Destroy

Download Link :

Live - May 14, 2008 partI

Live - May 14, 2008 partII

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The Golden Unplugged (1997)

The Golden Unplugged (1997)

It's a great fuckin' mistake for a great huge band like Metallica to complete their live records with this one...! If you guys wanna hear how Jaymz laugh at Nothin' Else Matter or... how bad Kirk plays on Creeping Death? Hmm.. bad??? Who said? Worst!!! That's it!!!

But what da H&#^$###&#!!!!! Here we are!

Track List :

01 - Low Man's Lyrics
02 - Helpless
03 - The Fourhorseman
04 - Poor Twisted Me
05 - Nothing Else Matters
06 - Creeping Death
07 - Thuesday Gone

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Nominated For Hall of Fame

Below is the official article from Metallica. Since it has been 25 years since Metallica's first record release, they are no eligible for the Hall of Fame

We're honored to be among the nine nominees being considered for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . . . has it really been 25 years since our first record came out? Yeah, that's the criteria to be nominated and we're keeping company this year with Jeff Beck, Chic, Wanda Jackson, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Run D.M.C., the Stooges, War, and Bobby Womack. Of course we don't know yet if we're really in . . . the official inductees for this year are not announced until January 2009. So as we always say, keep watching here for more info. The big ceremony will be held April 4, 2009 in Cleveland.

For more info, check out Rockhall

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This is Metal

All METALLICA - THIS IS METAL products are guaranteed top quality or your money back. All merchandise on this site is 100% Officially Licensed.

What do you get when you cross Metal Hammer magazine with the best Heavy Metal band ever from this holly fuckin' world, Metallica?

A Metallica-approved, special limited-edition collector's version of Metal Hammer magazine, that's what! Presented in the same stuff battle-axes, chain mail, and heavy artillery is made of, this is sure to go quick to get this very special edition of Metal Hammer magazine.

Unless, of course, you live on Jaymz street! more!


Price: £5.99

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Creative Metal Solo

Creative Metal Solo



This is the plain A major arpeggio..

Yes, there are only 3 notes [A-C#-E]. Nyante aja.. First learn the notes slowly... there's no need a pick if you can not use it.. You must mute with the left hand when the right hand tapp and mute with the right hand whren the left hand is hammering on. [hint] To learn tapping phrases, begin by learning the notes left hand. For the tapp note with the 3rd finger right hand, train up with some hammer on / pull off exercises. This may introduce you to 2 fingers (R.H) tapping arpeggios.

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Creative Guitar Solo

Creative Guitar Solo


p p p

[play this riff 4times] [play this riff twice] [play this riff twice]

start with slow tempos till you get your own motion, play it hardly fast, as fast as you can...

see the real video for detail with just one click!!!

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Master Of Puppets

Master Of Puppets

Tab symbols used:
p - pull off
h - hammer on
) )\ / or \ - slide
/ - bend
/ \ - bend and release
vib - vibrato
x - rake

E5 D5 Db5 C N.C.(Em)
e |----------------|---------------|---------------|----------------|
B |----------------|---------------|---------------|----------------|
G |9---------------|7---6---5------|---------------|.---------------|
D |9---------------|7---6---5------|---------------|.---------------|
A |7---------------|5---4---3------|---------------|-----7-----6----|
E |0---------------|---------------|---------------|-0-0---0-0---0-0|

D Db C N.C.(Em) Play 4 times
e |-----------------|---------------|-----------------|
B |7---6---5--------|---------------|-----------------|
G |7---6---5--------|---------------|----------------.|
D |7---6---5--------|---------------|----------------.|
A |5---4---3--------|---------------|-----------------|
E |-----------------|0-0-7-0-0-6-0-0|5-0-4-0-3-0-2-0--|

e |-----------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------|
B |-----------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------|
G |.----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------.|
D |.----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------.|
A |-----2-----3-----|4-----3-----2-2-|----2-----3-----|5\4---5\4---5\4--|
E |-0-1---0-1---0-1-|--0-1---0-1-----|0-1---0-1---1-0-|3\2-0-3\2-0-3\2--|

N.C. B5
e |-----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
B |-----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
G |.----------------|----------------|----------------|------------4---|
D |.----------------|----------------|----------------|------------4---|
A |-----2-----3-----|4-----3-----2-2-|----2-----3-----|4-----3-----2---|
E |-0-1---0-1---0-1-|--0-1---0-1-----|0-1---0-1---0-1-|--0-1---1-0-----|

e |----------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------|
B |----------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------|
G |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------.|
D |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------.|
A |----2-----3-----|4-----3-----2-2-|----2-----3-----|5\4---5\4---5\4--|
E |0-1---0-1---0-1-|--0-1---0-1-----|0-1---0-1---1-0-|3\2-0-3\2-0-3\2--|

RhyFig0 RhyFig1
E5 N.C.(Em)
w/ Fill 1 PM..............
e |----------------|---------------|---------------|-----------------|
B |----------------|---------------|---------------|-----------------|
G |----------------|---------------|---------------|.----------------|
D |----------------|2--------------|---------------|.----------------|
A |5\4---5\4---5\4-|2--------------|---------------|-----------------|
E |3\2-0-3\2-0-3\2-|0--------------|---------------|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|

end RhyFig1
PM PM.................
e |----------------|----------------|-----------|
B |----------------|----------------|-----------|
G |----------------|----------------|----------.|
D |----------------|----------------|----------.|
A |--5/7---8\7-5/7-|----------------|--5/7-5/7--|
E |0-3/5-0-6\5-3/5-|0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-|0-3/5-3/5--|

Fill 1
e |----------------|----------------|----|
B |----------------|----------------|----|
G |----------------|----------------|----|
D |----8-----8-----|8-----8-----8===|====|
A |--7-----7-----7-|----7-----7-----|----|
E |0-----0-----0---|--0-----0-------|----|


**** 1st,2nd,3rd verses: Repeat RhyFig1 4 times, then ->
PM................. PM.................
e |-----------------|----------------|----------------|-----------|
B |-----------------|----------------|----------------|-----------|
G |.----------------|----------------|----------------|----------.|
D |.----------------|--4-4---5\4-4-4-|----------------|--4---4---.|
A |-----------------|--0-2---3\2-0-2-|----------------|--0h2-0h2--|
E |-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-|2---------------|2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-|2----------|

end RhyFig1A
e |----------------|
B |----------------|
G |4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-|
D |4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-|
A |2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-|
E |----------------|

3.75 times
E5 D5 E5 C5 B5 D#5 B5
PM...... PM....... vib PM...... PM......
e |-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|
B |-----------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|
G |.9-------7---9---|------------------|-----------------|--------8-------.|
D |.9-------7---9---|----9-------------|--------10---9---|--------8---9---.|
A |-7-------5---7---|7-9---10-9h10=====|--------10---9---|--------6---9----|
E |-0-0-0-0---------|------------------|8-8-8-8-8----7---|8-8-8-8-----7----|

N.C.(B) E5 F E5
2 gtrs........ PM..
e |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
B |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
G |----------------|4---4-----------|2---2-----------|4---------------|
D |7-5-4---4-------|2---2-----------|3---3-----------|2---------------|
A |9-7-6---6-7-6---|2---2-----------|3---3-----------|2---------------|
E |----------8-7---|0---0-----------|1---1-----------|0---------0-0-0-|

G C5 B5
PM.. PM.... PM....
e |--------|----------------|----------------|----------------|--------|
B |--------|0---------------|----------------|----------------|--------|
G |--------|0---------------|----------------|5---------------|--------|
D |--------|0---------------|----------------|5---------------|4-------|
A |--------|----------------|----------------|3---------0-0-0-|2-0-0-0-|
E |2p0-0-0-|3---------------|----------------|----------------|--------|

A5 D C5 B
PM.... PM....
e |---------------|---------------|2---------------|--------|---------------|
B |---------------|---------------|3---------------|--------|4--------------|
G |2--------------|---------------|2---------------|--------|4--------------|
D |2--------------|---------------|0---------------|5-------|4--------------|
A |0--------------|---------------|----------------|3-------|2--------------|
E |---------------|---------------|----------3-3-3-|--3-3-3-|---------------|

E5 D5 C E5
PM.... PM..
e |----------------|--------|----------------|--------|----------------|
B |----------------|--------|5---------------|--------|----------------|
G |9---------------|7-------|5---------------|--------|4---4-----------|
D |9---------------|7-------|5---------------|--------|2---2-----------|
A |7---------------|5-------|3---------------|--------|2---2-----------|
E |0---------0-0-0-|----0-0-|----------------|--------|0---0-----------|

F E5 C
e |----------------|----------------|--------|----------------|
B |----------------|----------------|--------|5---------------|
G |2---2-----------|4---------------|--------|5---------------|
D |3---3-----------|2---------------|--------|5---------------|
A |3---3-----------|2---------------|--------|3---------------|
E |1---1-----------|0---------0-0-0-|2p0-0-0-|----------------|

(C) E5 F

e |----------------|----------------|----------------|
B |(5)-------------|----------------|----------------|
G |(5)-------------|4---4-----------|2---2-----------|
D |(5)-------------|2---2-----------|3---3-----------|
A |(3)-------------|2---2-----------|3---3-----------|
E |----------------|0---0-----------|1---1-----------|

get the full tab [on the attchment file]
of Master of Puppets album right h e r e !

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Rock am Ring (2008)

Metallica - Rock am Ring 2008

Live at Nürburgring,
Eifel, Germany, June 7, 2008

MP3 AUDIO: 44100 Hz, 2 ch
160.0 kbit(ratio: 24000->176400)

Man I love Metallica, they are a great fucking band. They have this special aura which very few have. Ride the Lightning was great. Kirk's slide guitar (Bleedin me) sucked. Honestly. I dont know what you guys are complaining about honestly. beleive me metallica before 1994 was fucking god, and after that everything sucked.but theyve gotten so much better. this is the best they've been playing and sounding since atleast 1994.

Metallica is sounding better then they have in 15 years. Jaymz has some punch back in his voice and Kirk actually relearned his tougher solos.

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Metallic Assault - A Tribute To Metallica [2000]

Metallic Assault - A Tribute To Metallica [2000]
release : February 13, 2001

1. Battery (Eric A.K. / Mike Clark / Robert Trujillo / Dave Lombardo)
2. Sad but True (Joey Belladonna / Bruce Kulick / Marco Mendoza / Eric Singer)
3. Sanitarium (Whitfield Crane / John Marshall / Scott Ian / Tony Levin / Mickey Dee)
4. The Unforgiven (Doug Pinnick / Vernon Reid / Tony Franklin / Frankie Banali)
5. The Thing that Should Not Be (John Garcia / Kudt Vanderhoof / Jeff Pilson / Jason Bonham)
6. Enter Sandman (Burton C. Bell / John Christ / Robert Trujillo / Tommy Aldridge)
7. Whiplash (Billy Milano / Scott Ian / Phil Soussan / Vinny Appice)
8. Nothing Else Matters (John Oliva / Bob Balch / Lemmy Kilmister / Gregg Bissonette)
9. Seek & Destroy (Chuck Billy / Jake E. Lee / Jimmy Bain / Ainsley Dunbar)
10. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Eric Bloom / Al Pitrelli / Tony Franklin / Aynsley Dunbar)

A strange mixing of of great artists. Possibly copyright keeps names from being plastered all over this albumn, but it is populated by greats giving tribute to Metallica. We have Kiss (Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer), Anthrax (Scott Ian, Joey Belladonna), DAVE LOMBARDO!! (Slayer) all mixed up with other amazing musicans (such as Jason Bonaham). This is THE Metallica tribute album to own. If for no other reason than to hear Dave Lombardo out-drum Lars.

01 - Battery Eric AK, Mike Clark, Robert Trujillo, Dave Lombardo Kick me!
02 - Sad But TruJoey Belladonna, Bruce Kulick, Marco Mendoza, Eric Singer Kick me!
03 - Sanitarium Whitfield Crane, John Marshall, Scott Ian, Tony Levin, Mickey Dee Kick me!
04 - The Unforgiven Dough Pinnick, Vernon Reid, Tony Franklin, Frankie Banali Kick me!
05 - The Thing That Should Not Be John Garcia, Kurdt Vanderhoof, Jeff Pilson, Jason Bonham Kick me!
06 - Enter Sandman Burton C Bel, John Crist, Robert Trujillo, Tommy Aldridge Kick me!
07 - Whiplash Billy Milano, Scott Ian, Phil Soussan, Vinny Appice Kick me!
08 - Nothing Else Matter John Oliva, Bob Balch, Lemmy Kilmister, Greg Bisonette Kick me!
09 - Seek And Destroy Chuck Billy, Jake E Lee, Jimmy Bain, Aynsley Dunbar Kick me!
10 - For Whom The Bell TollsEric Bloom, Al Pitrelli, Tony Franklin, Aynslyn Dunbar Kick me!

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MTV Icon (2003)

Metallica - MTV Icon (2003)

1. Sum41-Medley
2. Staind-Nothing Else Matters
3. Avril Lavigne-Fuel
4. Snoop Dogg-Sad But True
5. Korn-One
6. Limp Bizkit-Sanitarium
7. Metallica-Medley
8. Metallica-Snippet

Download Link:

Metallica - MTV Icon (2003)

Get the full pics of
Metallica - MTV Icon (2003)
H E R E !

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The Ultimate Mash-Up

Hip-Hop Tribute To Metallica
The Ultimate Mash-Up

Style : Rapcore / Hip Hop
Year : 2005 Year: 2005
Country : USA Country: USA
Format : CD Format: CD
Quality : MP3, VBR 192 kb/s Quality: MP3, VBR 192 kb/s
Total Size : 89 MB Total Size: 89 MB

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Friday, October 17, 2008

No Remorse (Metallica cover)

For those who just don't care for the Super Bowl, Feb. 1 still had the same, if not more, energy and drive at the Prudential Center in Newark.

Cannibal Corpse

PanterA Live 1988




Other No Remorse (Metallica cover) that you can find.

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Cunning Stunts (1998)

Metallica - Cunning Stunts

Recorded Live in Fort Worth
Texas, USA, on August 9-10, 1998

Track List :

01 - Wherever I May Roam
02 - Fade To Black
03 - Kill/Ride Medley
a. Ride The Lightning
b. No Remorse
c. Hit The Lights
d. The Four Horsemen
e. Seek And Destroy
f. Fight Fire With Fire
04 - Last Caress
05 - Master Of Puppets
06 - Enter Sandman
07 - Am I Evil?
08 - Motorbreath

09 - Back Stage
  1. Back Stage Pre-Show [part I].wmv (32.52 MB)
  2. Back Stage Pre-Show [part II].avi (12.93 MB)
  3. Back Stage - The Final Preparation.avi (40.06 MB)
10 - Metallica - Cunning Stunts - Fans.avi (8.87 MB)

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Cunning Stunts (1998)

Metallica - Cunning Stunts
Released December 8, 1998

Metallica, regardless what people may say, is the best band EVER. I can listen to every song they have put out. These images just show how strong a presence they still hold on stage, where they make their home. James, Jason, Lars, and Kirk play harder than ever with each performance. Two hours into this concert these guys are still going stronger than ever.

These pictures i've taken directly from... the DVD just shows that Metallica is the best live band there is, and on Enter Sandman it shows Metallicas popularity as the crowd sings along word for word. Read before your eyes guys how the crowd when it almost over! Fire everywhere! Awesome!

Say what you will about 'em, but one thing you can't deny is that they always put out the best home video releases, especially when it comes to them playing live. This will simply blow your mind away! The visuals are pure DVD quality and do not forget that the 5.1 sound is mind boggling!

click thumbnail to enlarge!

Get the mp3s HERE!!!

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