Friday, October 17, 2008

Garage Inc. (1998)

Metallica - Garage Inc.
Released November 24, 1998

This is a pretty damn good album. I like many of the covers here, and this album is actually better than the misguided St. Anger. Metallica's cover of Turn the Page is very well done and powerful.

I like the choice of Sabra Cadabra, an obscure Sabbath track off their Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath album. Their version of Tuesday's Gone (a cover of a Lynyrd Skynyrd song) reminds me of their beautiful (and unjustly trashed) songs Mama Said and Low Man's Lyric. Hetfield does burp before the song starts (bad), but luckily, the rest of it is so good that you forget about this. The inclusion of Garage Days, Revisited EP is a nice bonus, and having copies of Am I Evil? and So What? are great too.


01 - Free Speech For The Dumb [Discharge Cover]
02 - It's Electric [Diamond Head Cover]
03 - Sabbra Cadabra [Black Sabbath Cover]
04 - Turn The Page [Bob Seger Cover]
05 - Die,Die My Darling [The Misfits Cover]
06 - Loverman [Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Cover]
07 - Mercyful Fate [Mercyful Fate Medley]
08 - Astronomy [Blue Oyster Cover]
09 - Whiskey In The Jar [Traditional]
10 - Tuesday's Gone [Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover]
11 - The More I See [Discharge Cover]

Metallica - Garage Inc CD1 part I
Metallica - Garage Inc CD1 part II


01 - Helpless [Diamond Head Cover]
02 - The Small Hours [Holocaust Cover]
03 - The Wait [Killing Joke Cover]
04 - Crash Course in Brain Surgery [Budgie Cover]
05 - Last Caress/Green Hell [The Misfits Covers]
06 - Am I Evil? [Diamond Head Cover]
07 - Blitzkrieg [Blitzkrieg Cover]
08 - Breadfan [Budgie Cover]
09 - The Prince[Diamond Head Cover]
10 - Stone Cold Crazy [Queen Cover]
11 - So What? [Anti-Nowhere League Cover]
12 - Killing Time [Sweet Savage Cover]
13 - Overkill [Motorhead Cover]
14 - Damage Case [Motorhead Cover]
15 - Stone Dead Forever [Motorhead Cover]
16 - Too Late Too Late [Motorhead Cover]

Metallica - Garage Inc CD2 part I
Metallica - Garage Inc CD2 part II

I'm not really sure why Metallica did a cover album (and a 2 CD set too), but I like it and think it's a worthy addition to their catalogue.


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