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Metallic Assault - A Tribute To Metallica [2000]

Metallic Assault - A Tribute To Metallica [2000]
release : February 13, 2001

1. Battery (Eric A.K. / Mike Clark / Robert Trujillo / Dave Lombardo)
2. Sad but True (Joey Belladonna / Bruce Kulick / Marco Mendoza / Eric Singer)
3. Sanitarium (Whitfield Crane / John Marshall / Scott Ian / Tony Levin / Mickey Dee)
4. The Unforgiven (Doug Pinnick / Vernon Reid / Tony Franklin / Frankie Banali)
5. The Thing that Should Not Be (John Garcia / Kudt Vanderhoof / Jeff Pilson / Jason Bonham)
6. Enter Sandman (Burton C. Bell / John Christ / Robert Trujillo / Tommy Aldridge)
7. Whiplash (Billy Milano / Scott Ian / Phil Soussan / Vinny Appice)
8. Nothing Else Matters (John Oliva / Bob Balch / Lemmy Kilmister / Gregg Bissonette)
9. Seek & Destroy (Chuck Billy / Jake E. Lee / Jimmy Bain / Ainsley Dunbar)
10. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Eric Bloom / Al Pitrelli / Tony Franklin / Aynsley Dunbar)

A strange mixing of of great artists. Possibly copyright keeps names from being plastered all over this albumn, but it is populated by greats giving tribute to Metallica. We have Kiss (Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer), Anthrax (Scott Ian, Joey Belladonna), DAVE LOMBARDO!! (Slayer) all mixed up with other amazing musicans (such as Jason Bonaham). This is THE Metallica tribute album to own. If for no other reason than to hear Dave Lombardo out-drum Lars.

01 - Battery Eric AK, Mike Clark, Robert Trujillo, Dave Lombardo Kick me!
02 - Sad But TruJoey Belladonna, Bruce Kulick, Marco Mendoza, Eric Singer Kick me!
03 - Sanitarium Whitfield Crane, John Marshall, Scott Ian, Tony Levin, Mickey Dee Kick me!
04 - The Unforgiven Dough Pinnick, Vernon Reid, Tony Franklin, Frankie Banali Kick me!
05 - The Thing That Should Not Be John Garcia, Kurdt Vanderhoof, Jeff Pilson, Jason Bonham Kick me!
06 - Enter Sandman Burton C Bel, John Crist, Robert Trujillo, Tommy Aldridge Kick me!
07 - Whiplash Billy Milano, Scott Ian, Phil Soussan, Vinny Appice Kick me!
08 - Nothing Else Matter John Oliva, Bob Balch, Lemmy Kilmister, Greg Bisonette Kick me!
09 - Seek And Destroy Chuck Billy, Jake E Lee, Jimmy Bain, Aynsley Dunbar Kick me!
10 - For Whom The Bell TollsEric Bloom, Al Pitrelli, Tony Franklin, Aynslyn Dunbar Kick me!


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